Jessica Banks (mommymonster) wrote,
Jessica Banks

Politics, etc.

Went out canvassing for the first time last night, and it went pretty well. People are surprisingly neighbourly; one person came home to find the info I'd left for them, while I was still down the street on someone else's doorstep, and yelled down to me, "You working for Kerry? Don't worry, we're voting for him. Thanks for stopping by!" At another house, the voter on my list had moved, but the people there had just come from NY state, and wanted to know a bit more about the local races, and we commiserated about what it's like to move into a so-called "battleground" state -- more obnoxious ads per capita, etc. I think it helps restricting yourself to your neighbourhood, but even still, you can tell immediately why door-to-door remains the most effective means of getting out the vote.

My mommy arrives for a long weekend tomorrow, and I'm so excited for her to be here. She hasn't seen the house we're in now, except in video and pictures, so that'll be nice (if I can get it cleaned up in time!), but most of all, it's about the monster. He's so big and funny and clever, and she's just going to fall madly in love with him, even when he's being naughty. It's been so hard being so far away from all our family and friends, especially when he's growing and changing so fast.

And now I sound like a phone company ad.
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