Jessica Banks (mommymonster) wrote,
Jessica Banks

You broke it, you bought it.

I'm stunned, I'm depressed, I'm...I dunno what. Surprised, really. I'm always surprised by acts of overwhelming, blatant stupidity. Like when people walk into walls. It's that surprised laugh, like you can't believe they didn't see it right there in front of them. Except I'm not laughing.

Only two things are keeping me remotely like my normal Pollyanna self today. First, Pennsylvania went blue, and I was part of that. I feel immensely proud for all the hard work that the volunteers in this state put in to make that happen. It was so exciting to see it happen, to be a part of it. I'm hopelessly addicted.

Second, the realization struck me that what the yahoos voted for may have changed a lot of things -- how the world is going to write us off as a hopeless pack of psycho-moronic spoiled children, how the American judiciary system is in mortal danger, how the draft has gone from a scary story to reform wayward teenagers into a real and present danger for every kid I teach -- but it doesn't change who *I* am. I don't have to change a thing about myself, or what I believe, in reaction to this vote.

I will continue to be the crackpot, bleeding-heart, commie pinko liberal Random used to call me in our friendly debates (those are all compliments to me, btw, so don't get offended on my behalf in any way -- the goal was to reach 'fascist swine' last in the argument). No matter who the dumb kids in my class voted for, when they get called up to go to Iraq or wherever's next on the Axis of Evil tour, I'll fight just as hard to keep them home as I would for my own kid. When some suburban heartland red-state person gets their rights trampled by the Patriot Act and its perversions of civil liberties, I'll stand up and say it's wrong just as loudly as I would for some Manhattan-drinking subway-riding blue-state voting democrat. And the next time the administration tries to explain away some colossal deception of the American public by saying that it was all part of a plan directed by "moral vision," I'll still know what real community values look like because I've seen them in leaders who get down in the trenches with the people, rather than hiding behind belligerence and billionaires and bombs.

America may have a conservative president, but it is NOT a conservative country. I'm still a liberal, and there are millions of liberals out there. Which is a good thing, because when it comes down to it, liberals are the ones who stand up and get the important things done.
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