Jessica Banks (mommymonster) wrote,
Jessica Banks

Hoping against hope...

So I just talked to Melissa at The Daily Show, and told her the whole gory story about how the boy's been obsessed with the Jon Stewart bday party since January, and luuuvs him, and the show and the book and everything ever to do with The Daily Show, and she was laughing so hard she could hardly breathe, but managed to say that she wasn't sure what they could do, but that she would call me back.

Which is something at least.

With all the other crap in the universe lately, making a third-birthday-wish come true, whether he'll remember it or not (though the way his mind's a steel trap for everything else in his very short past history, it's likely he will), pulling this off would at least make me feel remotely empowered to do something good for someone.

And a million billion thanks to Omphaloskepsis for finding the ticket line phone number, which actually had a real-person operator assistance option at the end of it, as well as a long space to leave messages!
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