Jessica Banks (mommymonster) wrote,
Jessica Banks

Try, try again...

...and when that fails, escalate. Yes, there was a message on the answerphone at home when we finally got there after stops at the party store for ridiculously patriotic party goods that I would've been voted Least Likely To Ever Buy in high school, saying that Melissa had talked to her "higher-ups" and they'd said there wasn't really anything they could do for him. However, she added in that intern-helpful tone of voice, there was a line of merchandise coming out in the near future, so maybe if he was still a fan for his 4th birthday, we could buy him something...

Like they're gonna really be targeting the 4T market with stuff.

So, tomorrow, I call back and, with customary sweetness and light, I ask to talk to someone who is not her.
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