Jessica Banks (mommymonster) wrote,
Jessica Banks

The dead walk the earth...

By that I mean me, not some Shaun of the Dead/Halloweeny ref. And, in case you haven't been officially informed yet, I'm walking for two now (if you can do such a thing).

I'm also eating for two again, for about a week or two now, which is a vast improvement over the stretch of 12-14 days (it's a little murky how long it actually went on) in mid-ish September. Different pattern of sickness than with the Mouse -- instead of four months of 18-20 hrs/day, it was about two weeks non-stop, no break, nothing stayed put. Went to the ER three times in one week because of dehydration and because I was blowing through all the medicine they could give me. The stuff at the hospital was like liquid gold -- it costs so much it's tracked like a controlled substance. A script would cost $18.00 a tablet WITH our co-pay, $200 for 12, and insurance only covers 15 in a 30-day period, so it's actually more cost-effective to go to the ER. How retarded is that? By the third visit, the Sunday after the first Sunday trip, I was in serious ketosis; babies absorb calories from sugar, and ketones are bad, no matter what Dr. Atkins has convinced people.

And then, the following Wednesday, the storm cleared. I mean, I'm still sick every once in a while, and I'm still uncomfortably nauseated unless I take something every 6-8 hours, but as of now, I'm going whole days (I think probably 2 or 3 in a row now) without throwing up. It's beyond bizarre, and the hormonal peak is past. So...weird.

I'll see the midwife on the 10th, and I've got to get pain under control better; the muscle spasms and weakness caused a flare-up, and the usual regime isn't covering it. But otherwise, things seem good for now. Due date's mid-April.
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